Now THIS is ROI (but you’ll never see it)

Now THIS is ROI (but you’ll never see it)

A few months back one of my friends in California moved to a new home.   Friends were following her Facebook posts because they were anxiously waiting to see pictures of her new place.

Moving ROIAbout halfway through her move day, she posted this picture.  Wether it was staged or not doesn’t matter.  The smile on her face, as well as the movers’ smiles, say it all.  These guys make moving fun.  They’re not the fat, greasy guys you’re used to.  They love their job AND their customers.

The took a perfectly placed photo in front of their truck.  It might block their website and other contact information, but it doesn’t matter.  People who live in California WILL find them, WHEN they need them.

Think about this… what is her title to the picture?  “Moving?  Hire Meathead Movers.  They’ll lift you up!”

She was kind enough to use a Hashtag, but the fact is, if her posts are private, they won’t be able to see it.

That’s the whole point. Meathead Movers might NEVER see the ROI on this.  But look at the stats at the bottom.  189 people liked the photo.  ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE!

Oh, and there were 15 comments…. like this:

“I love this! They are giving you the royal treatment You got a great crew, too!”

“That looks like way more fun that moving usually is!! Nice work!”

“This would make a fabulous ad for them! They are great!”

“It sounds crazy, but I’ve LOVED being Meathead Moved! The guys are so professional, but always cute & sweet!”

“Meathead Movers is simply the BEST moving company EVER!”

“Hahaha love it!!”

Is this social media marketing or just really great service?  Yes.  They provided a service SO great, that the CUSTOMER did their social marketing for them.  This cost NOTHING.  (also notice there were three “shares”)

So, next time you ask what’s the ROI of “being on Facebook”, look at your fancy statistics about how much the average customer acquisition costs you.  Because this ONE post was in front of hundreds of people who are just waiting for an opportunity to use their services.   Just remember, if you’re in the service industry, you get to cash in on this ROI when the customer is ready, not you.  I’m not going to move to a different house just so I can use their services… but I WILL use their service the instant that I decide to move (to California).

What are YOU doing that impresses your clients so much that they can’t wait to tell their friends about you?

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